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Daily creations: day 1

I am learning to shift the way I see creativity. We are all CREATORS and it is our innate responsibility on this earth to create things that wouldn't exist without us.

We don’t need to draw, write, perform or paint to be a creator. We need to live, we need to breathe, we need to begin to recognize each 'ordinary' moment as being filled with so much meaning.

Our days don't need to be radical to be filled with possibility. Starting today, I'm going to log & share one thing that I created from BEING me. It may be a genuine smile with a stranger who's energy told me they needed it, it may be a 5 minute doodle that made a friend feel understood. It may be something I discovered in my self; a shift I experienced in my story. It may be the creation of taking responsibility for my body by giving her that extra hour of sleep.

I'm open to all possibilities of creating a shift in the way I view creativity, starting today. Day 1.

Today I created...

Permission to honor my truth and what I NEED in this season of my life. I am exploring a non-art related job that would offer me expansion, connections, exploration and adventure! I'm filled with hope and excitement. I'm letting myself look at this opportunity not as one that will take me away from my art, but one that will create an experience of empathy, of connections and stories of humans being humans to only enhance my creative process!