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❊ Have you ever heard yourself say "I'm not creative!"

❊ Do you feel energetically out of alignment with your feminine?

❊ Do you want to launch a creative project, but don't know where to start?

❊ Do you ever find yourself envious of ....

Do you find yourself constantly telling yourself the story of, "I can't"

I'm a self-taught artist and until 2018, I never thought I could draw. I have overcome creative blocks and pushed myself to create beautiful things that would not exist without my unique light. I am a believer that each of us is assigned a purposeful gift, and these gifts MUST be shared with the world. I believe YOU, my friend, are capable of magical things and I am here to guide you to access your inner creative fire!

Through energy work, movement, deep inner work and playful creativity challenges,

I will guide you to unlock your creative flow,

release the stories that get in the way of living your most creative life + ....

Drop your contact info below to be the first to find out about the launch of creativity workshops + coaching!