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About Courtney

Artist name: Flow and root

My roots: As a kid, I was shy, socially uncomfortable and had a rare talent when it came to drawing. My mom told me stories about my unusual attention to detail when I was little. When the other preschoolers were drawing stick-figures, my teachers pulled my mom aside to show her my drawings of women, fully accessorized with a purse, necklace, shoes, done-up lips and mascara. As I found myself in the back row of most classrooms, I got lost doodling all over my notebooks. I doodled to connect with my inner self; it was truly the only time I felt in my own flow. I never thought of myself as creative or an artist, but I recognized the peace I found whenever I created.


I spent most of my teens and 20’s as a chameleon, changing the way I talked, dressed and expressed myself from group to group. I had no idea who I was internally; my goal was to be accepted even if I lost myself along the way. My memories of doodling disappeared for most of my 20’s, in the same years that I felt completely disconnected from my truth. 


I knew I had to make a drastic change to heal from years of feeling disconnected from who I was… which is what brought my boyfriend, now husband, Michael and I to Colorado. 


I didn’t find art again until I was ready to accept myself as ME and reveal all the quirks, insecurities, talents that made me feel different. In early 2017, Michael gifted me my first bullet journal and while resistant at first, I jumped in and fell in love with the creative flow I discovered. I became attentive to textures, shapes + colors when I went for hikes in the mountains. I became mesmerized by the radiant hues of wildflower petals and the contrasting coarse + opaque textures of the rolling mountains. My backpack began to fill up with markers + colored pencils and I found this new sense of meaning to my life. I felt peaceful, loving and at home in my skin, for the first time in my life.


My art is inspired by nature and things I love, like my cat Eva, mountains, botany and yoga. My art is playful, empowering and filled with curiosity. Each piece is energetically charged with intention + heart and is designed to empower YOU to live a life of truth and creativity. My own story has taught me that we are all creative: we all have the imagination and curiosity to create something out of nothing. For me, it’s playful illustrations. For you, anything is possible.